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We know how it feels to be overwhelmed with IT problems and not be able to fully enjoy running your business.

If you’re like us, you understand how frustrating ineffective IT can be. You’ve likely wondered if there’s an IT provider that can fix all of your IT frustrations so you never have to worry about IT again. We know you want to become a business known for your high-quality product and exceptional customer service, and it’s wrong that bad IT is stopping you.


At Strategic Technology Associates, we get it.

We understand how ineffective IT can lead to disappointing your customers and ruining employee productivity and morale. For the past 15 years in business, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours overcome broken IT systems and experience fully functioning IT solutions you never have to worry about.

Our founder, Sean Robertson, first became interested in business technology when he was 15 and sold his first payroll system at age 16. Sean developed a passion for helping others succeed in business with technology.

His passion for helping businesses succeed with technology led him to become a developer. Eventually this led him to become the Chief Innovation Officer for a major manufacturer in New Brunswick.

With Sean’s wide range and many years of experience in technology, he was able to learn the real problems in business and wanted to find a solution. This is what led him to start Strategic Technology Associates, where we provide IT solutions that liberate businesses from inadequate IT environments. When you have effective IT, your employees become more productive, your customers are better served, and your business thrives.

We are committed to helping you have fully functioning IT, so you’ll stop feeling overwhelmed and defeated. The process is simple -

Schedule a Consultation
We’ll complete an IT audit
Choose the solution that fits
your business needs

Once you schedule a consultation, you will have taken the first step to never worrying about your IT again.

We believe you deserve to have IT services that allow your employees to stay productive so you can deliver the highest customer satisfaction. We help you have fully functioning IT so you can comfortably scale your business.

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We know how hard it can be to find an IT team you trust. This document shares how you can become confident in selecting the best IT services for your business. We believe your business deserves IT solutions to enhance your business. When you download this document you will be on your way to finding effective IT, so your employees become more productive, your customers are better served, and your business thrives.