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The dark web today

The dark web is notoriously known for its unmonitored nature that allows criminals to make illegal transactions and exchange information. It is also common to see private information from a data breach event easily attainable for anyone who wants it. This breach information or account dump may include: username, passwords, social security, driver’s license, credit card numbers, bank account information and much more- available to be bought and sold to the highest bidder.

Not everyone can access the dark web

The general public does not have the capabilities required to access the dark web. Criminals use a special OS, application, experience, and technical knowledge to enter and exit dark web safely without any repercussions. What's more, finding personal information and past breach data requires familiarity with navigating the dark web.

Finding account dump dark web data is not enough

You need ongoing dark web monitoring tools and services

Once again, finding locations where the account dumps exist are not the only dangers to look out for. Chances are, once these accounts are leaked, others have already exploited the information and have already gained access to someone's accounts.

Our solution to dark web account leaks

We're happy to announce that we have a solution- these account dumps still take some time to be decrypted before other hackers crack the hashed passwords. That's where we come in, we have dark web monitoring tools to scrape account dumps hours after going live. Once our dark web scan knows that your account details are compromised, we can take subsequent actions to make these accounts unusable for others. We provide dark web monitoring services and dark web scans for companies in the Charlottetown area. Strategic Technology Associates has years of experience as a dark web monitoring company and our team is built of trusted professionals here to serve you.

Helping you secure your business against the dark web

We know dark web monitoring on a first-hand basis. Should you need a dark web monitoring company for added security protection, we're just one call away to help secure your data. We're happy to extend our expertise.

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