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Business Email Archiving is a standard practice used by top companies in maintaining and securing emails.
Typically, business-critical email data is stored within a local email server system or in your computer's temporary email cache. A disaster strikes and a data loss may happen. Without a backup plan for your emails, this poses a risk on your business' continuity. Email archiving, on the other hand, solves this predicament, while offering additional benefits to your business such as:

  • Compliance: Companies around the world are expected to comply with various laws and regulations to maintain electronic records and correspondence for a fixed period of time, after which they may be destroyed. Records must be guaranteed to be complete and stored in their original form.
  • Storage - Email archiving will save space on your own servers- you’ll save money and time monitoring your storage space.
  • Email Management - Archived emails are organized and indexed for fast searches. Employees will no longer have to dig through old inbox messages and can instead use powerful search capabilities.

We provide email archiving solutions, services and support in Sackville. Our solution works for a variety of different email platforms. Our IT specialists can help you set up and deploy an archiving solution to augment your existing email environment, giving you confidence that your compliance and eDiscovery requirements are satisfied.

Communication and collaboration is a vital part of any business, we offer a wide variety of managed communication and collaboration services to help you achieve your goals.

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