Our Clients

15 Reasons to do Business with Strategic Technology

Since working with Strategic Technology our servers never go down.

There is almost zero tolerance going into a courtroom and saying you’re not ready.

Founding Partner
Actus Law Droit (12 Member Law Firm)

Strategic Technology’s response time is phenomenal.

Our previous IT Provider continuously failed to rise to our challenges. Strategic Technology really understands manufacturers.

Vice President
Malley Industries (Large Manufacturer)

Strategic Technology is unflappable when issues arise.

And he does what it takes to fix the problem correctly and quickly. Strategic Technology took the time to meet and get to know each and every member of the Town Council.

Director of Finance
Town of Riverview (City Government)

Strategic Technology takes away the fear of making IT changes.

In the past, most of our IT people have been volunteers who have come and gone, which has caused inconsistency. Strategic Technology gives us that consistency.

Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Moncton (Not-For-Profit Organization)

Having Strategic Technology take care of your IT system is like turning on your TV.

You don’t have to think about it. It just works. Before Strategic Technology we would lose our network about once a week. 50 times a year!

Clinical Director
Allura Medical (Medical Practice)

If it breaks, I don’t want to know about it.

”Managed Services” means there’s always someone working in the background on my machines so I can be working in front of them.

Dempsey Law (Solo Lawyer)

Our server went down and was unrecoverable.

200 websites were down! Strategic Technology came in and rebuilt the systems from scratch and we got back up and running. Since that day working with Strategic Technology, that has NEVER happened again.

Connetik Interactive (Internet Marketing Company)

I consider Strategic Technology a partner in my business.

He is the only person I would trust to manage our websites. He knows what he is talking about.

Axion Marketing (Marketing Consultant)

Strategic Technology Associates has built a good reputation with their professionalism, efficiency, and quick problem solving skills. From our first meeting, I was impressed with their knowledge and capabilities to support our IT needs. They have since become an important planning resource with their hands on approach and ongoing effort to understand my business. Strategic Technology Associates is not only an IT service provider, they are a valued partner.

Office Manager
Actus Law

Strategic Technology is above the rest, especially in the areas of customer service and Knowledge. They really know what they’re doing; they are available at any time and I have never had a problem reaching them, an amazing company to work with! They are clear and concise. They work promptly and efficiently, and explain things in a way so as to make me comfortable with the outcome. I have recommended them several times, and will continue to do so.

Bone Appetit

I personally knew Sean before doing business with him and was aware of his extensive knowledge in the business; this is why I did not hesitate to hire him for his services. I was very impressed with his work. He does an excellent job and his ability to solve issues is remarkable.

Countryside Realty

We were referred to Strategic Technology by a friend who was more than satisfied with the services they provided to their company. Our experience has been no different. We continue to be impressed with their availability to assist us whenever we need help, and how easy they are to get a hold of. The service is excellent, accurate and professional. When they are asked to do something, they will do it quickly.

The Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick

Sean is a very knowledgeable man. He’s a great problem solver, he explains what he does and why he does it while I get the results I want. His customer service is excellent and this is one big factor that sets him apart from other similar businesses. He has the knowledge to fix any of your computer problems!

MacPhee Accounting and Consulting

As always; the best service. Fast, efficient support at home and on the road! Saved me hours of floundering in 5 minutes! Thanks Sean

KM Quality Solutions

Many factors encouraged me to choose Strategic Technology. The way Sean presented himself, the services they offered, and the fact that they were the most knowledgeable of all others we had checked out. Our Network administrator is very confident and he knows what he is talking about. I am impressed with the direct support when we have issues, not to mention the ability to contact them at any time if we have problems. They respond almost instantly. Their customer service is very hands on. If we have an issue, they’ll even come in person to see that the problem is resolved. These are the things that set them apart from competitors.

Triangle Kitchen