Virtual Desktop Deployment

Delivering multi-session capabilities within a single desktop.

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Virtual Desktop enables you to run multiple business processes within a single monitor, with the accuracy and speed not being compromised.

For SMEs, a shift to desktop virtualization works best. Desktop virtualization is packed with features that are practically helpful to SMEs. This unlocks the opportunity to gain access to high-end technology that is scalable to a great extent. Here are more benefits in which desktop virtualization can help you.

  • The low cost of deployment and the monthly fees for a cloud subscription is comparably low to the operational costs of the traditional IT approach.
  • The virtual desktop approach does not require additional hardware; everything is running inside the cloud.
  • The centralized model of VDI allows IT administrators to make upgrades and patches to a core Windows OS image, then replicate this image out to the company, instead of having to patch scores of individual machines.
  • Virtualized Desktops are accessible thru laptops, which enables the mobility aspect.

Many growing and midsize businesses want to get more business value from technology, but they don’t have the luxury of abundant IT dollars or headcounts. They need to re-focus limited IT staff and budget on initiatives that support revenue growth and improve the customer experience. Innovative offerings, such as Virtual Desktops brings tremendous opportunity for any business to grow. However, to initially set up a virtual desktop needs help from an expert. Strategic Technology Associates would love to do that for you.

Our IT consultants and analysts will help you deploy and initialize virtual desktop systems. We have a separate team that specializes in project management for IT applications, implementations, and migration. We also do IT support for different organizations of all sizes.

If your business IT infrastructure needs some asset replacement and/or increasing hardware maintenance costs, a virtual desktop can be of great benefit.

Call us and have our consultants discuss with you how it should work with your business.

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