5 Signs of a VoIP system security breach

5 Signs of a VoIP system security breach

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are game-changing, allowing users to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Unfortunately, they’re not completely safe from cyberthreats. If you have a VoIP phone system, watch out for these five signs that it is being hacked.

1. Irregularities in your call history

If you notice multiple calls being made or coming from unfamiliar locations or numbers, it's usually an indication that your VoIP system may be under attack. Ask for a detailed copy of your call logs from your service provider so you can identify calling patterns that will allow you to pinpoint any irregularities.

2. Redirection to malicious sites

Being redirected to other — often potentially malicious — sites while browsing the internet is a telltale sign that your VoIP system is being hacked. Hackers may also install browser extensions and toolbars without your knowledge. To keep your VoIP system safe, run regular anti-malware scans and always log out of your VoIP account when you’re done using it.

3. Webcams and microphones starting on their own

Webcams and microphones make VoIP phones better than traditional landlines, but cybercriminals can use these features to infiltrate your network. Hackers can use your VoIP's webcams and microphones to spy on your business, record conversations, and collect private information. If you notice your VoIP phone’s webcam and microphone behaving strangely, report it immediately to an IT specialist or your managed IT services provider (MSP) to see if your VoIP system is being breached by a cybercriminal.

4. Fake antivirus messages pop-ups

When you or your employees see pop-up messages that say your system is infected and needs to be scanned while your VoIP system is on, do not click on those messages. They may be a sign that a hacker has already infiltrated your system. It's best to have your system administrator or MSP shut down the network so they can identify the source of the pop-ups and scan your system for any malware.

5. Sudden increase in VoIP bills

One benefit of having a VoIP system is a lower monthly bill compared to a landline service. So if you see a sudden spike in your monthly bill, it’s probably a sign that your VoIP system has been hacked. When cybercriminals infiltrate your VoIP network, they can make unauthorized calls to premium numbers without your knowledge.

Safeguarding your VoIP network from cybercriminals requires best-in-class security solutions and security awareness training. For more ways on how you can protect your VoIP system, contact us today.

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