Cyber Security

On Tuesday July 2nd, I spoke with Tyler McLean, the host of McLean in the Morning on News 91.9 in Moncton.  The focus was on cyber crime and how criminals are using technology to grow their ‘businesses’. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to discuss how business and individuals can protect themselves.

In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, the Australian Department of Defense (Intelligence and Security) is promoting a strategy of Catch, Patch and Match.  According to their research, 85% of all cyber intrusions can be blocked by doing four simple things.

1)    CATCH malicious software by “white listing” software that is allowed to run on your computer.  Anything not on the list is not allowed to run.  Applications like Microsoft App Locker can help with this.

2)    PATCH all of your software.  Software vendors frequently release “patches” or fixes for security problems that are uncovered.  If you keep you software up to date, criminals can’t take advantage of vulnerabilities.

3)    PATCH your operating system. Windows, Apple, Linux; it doesn't matter what it is, keep it up to date.  Just like with the programs you run on your computer, the operating system has patches released on a regular basis to fix security issues.

4)    MATCH the right people with the right access.  “Administrators” have total access to your network and only a few people in your company need this kind of access.  If an intruder was to get access to your network with these privileges they can steal, delete or modify any information, anywhere on your network.

Here is a link to a video they created to highlight the Catch, Patch, Match program.

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