What The Heck Is Follina And How Do I Protect Myself?

What The Heck Is Follina And How Do I Protect Myself?


You're probably hearing about Follina by now and wondering what it's all about. Here is a link that explains it very well, but here is a summary.

MSDT (Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool) is an application provided by Microsoft that is part of Windows. Bad actors have determined a way to have a Word document (received by email or other method) launch MSDT and run software selected by a bad actor.

The software that the bad actor runs could do just about anything that the bad guys want it to do, including execute ransomware or allow remote access.

To protect yourself, there are steps provided in this link. Know that modern (NextGen) anti-virus and application allow listing software should prevent this attack from executing.

Contact your IT team if you are unsure how to proceed. If you are a client of Strategic Technology, know that we are in process of implementing Microsoft's recommended fix. You do not need to contact us to have the fix deployed, it will be automatic.

If you have questions about IT Support related to Follina or CyberSecurity protections, call us today.